“An encyclopedic exploration of the most effective methods for giving children the courage to realize their full potential.” 

― ADELE FABER, author of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

This extraordinary guidebook offers a refreshing new approach to raising confident, healthy, whole human beings, from toddler to teen. Groundbreaking in both its scope and methodology, ParentShift challenges some of our most popular disciplinary tools and replaces them with more than a dozen “toolkits” designed to help parents solve virtually any household without sacrificing their long-term goals.

All children ― regardless of geography, ethnicity or socio-economic status ― are bound together by ten universal truths. These truths account for the vast majority of children's everyday behavior, both positive and negative. Too many of the tactics parents use today violate at least one of these truths. ParentShift explains this phenomenon, empowers parents to change, and shows them how to do it.

In this book, readers will learn to:

• Respond thoughtfully to outbursts and tantrums.
• Prepare children to meet life’s challenges.
• Ensure kids become strong boundary-setters.
• Set consistent limits and boundaries.
• Curtail power struggles and sibling rivalry.
• Move beyond timeouts, reward charts and other outdated tactics.
• Help prevent alcohol abuse, addiction, early sex, high-risk behavior and other disturbing trends among teens.
• Build open, trusting parent-child bonds that keep kids turning to parents, instead of peers, for guidance.

Do you have trouble setting limits without coming across as a dictator? Do your methods of discipline leave you feeling spent or inadequate? The problem isn't you. Or your kids. It's your tools. 

What makes ParentShift different?

Unlike most parenting books on the market, ParentShift' is positive, practical and widely applicable — whether your child is four or fourteen. We meet you where you are — whether you have a strong set of skills already, or whether your relationship with your child needs a complete reboot. Our tools are simple, easy to use and — most importantly— based on communication, rather than manipulation. Built around ten universal truths that apply to all children everywhere, ParentShift shows parents how to anticipate behavior changes in their children — and how to handle them. 

What makes
ParentShift necessary?

Some of today's most popular parenting techniques — including those used by many well-known experts — are known to drive deep wedges in the parent-child relationship. These very points of disconnection contribute to a host of problems down the road — including depression, drug abuse, early sex, reckless behavior, low self-esteem and even self-harm. Some children are more naturally resilient than others. But will yours be?  There are lots of ways to deal with children's behavior without poisoning their long-term health. ParentShift shows you how. 




•  Bed time  •  Bath time  •  Chores
•  Hitting  •  Ignoring boundaries
•  Power struggles  •  Screen time
•  Sibling rivalry  •  Violating limits
 Tantrums  •  So much more



• Addiction  •  Anxiety  •  Depression
•  Eating disorders  •  Early sex  
•  Negative self-esteem  •  Negative self-talk  
•   Relationship dysfunction  
 Self-harm  •  So much more



•  Affection  • Cooperation  •  Empathy  •  Forgiveness  •  Fun  •  Gratitude  
•  Honesty  •  Mutual respect  •  Trust
•  Open communication 
• Understanding  
•  So much more


ParentShift is available in print, digital and audiobook. Narrated by Julie Slater, the audiobook comes with free PDF downloads of the many charts and graphics that appear in the book. It's available at Audible.

The strategies outlined in ParentShift have, without a doubt, been a game changer in the way I parent. Tantrums were the worst and I never knew how to handle them. But understanding the stages and seeing them as "fight or flight" behaviors really helped me in framing my responses in a way that were more empathetic. What a difference it has made in my relationship to my son.

Veronica Jauriqui, mother of one, age 4

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