Practical tools. Professional advice. Immediate results.

'The only parenting book you'll ever need.'

ParentShift is an award-winning book that marries modern research and science with the work of some of the greatest child psychologists of our time. The advice, which applies to children of any age, is built into a flexible, common-sense approach. Unlike any other parenting book on the market, ParentShift transforms families by showing parents precisely how to solve short-term challenges, prevent long-term problems and build strong relationships with kids — all at the same time. 

Solve short-term challenges
Prevent long-term problems
Build strong relationships
ParentShift provides positive, step-by-step solutions to your most unsettling challenges. And our solutions really work.
Not just in the moment, but forever. 



•  Bed time  •  Bath time  •  Chores
•  Hitting  •  Ignoring boundaries
•  Meltdowns  •  Power struggles 
•  Screen time  •  Sibling rivalry  
•  Violating limits  
•  So much more



• Addiction  •  Anxiety  •  Depression
•  Eating disorders  •  Early sex  
•  Negative self-esteem  •  Reckless behavior  
•   Relationship dysfunction  
 Self-harm  •  So much more



•  Affection  • Cooperation  •  Empathy  •  Forgiveness  •  Fun  •  Gratitude  
•  Honesty  •  Mutual respect  •  Trust
•  Open communication 
• Understanding  
•  So much more

ParentShift is filled with detailed and adaptable, step-by-step instructions. Instead of utilizing my previous method of confused emotional reaction, I now get almost excited to execute the pragmatic, prepared plans — and they really work!

— Emily Nielson, adoptive mother of three (ages 6, 7 and 8)

ParentShift is a constant guide for maintaining healthy relationships with my children.  For me, ParentShift is more than a parenting book. It's a self-help book. It recharges my batteries.

— Ladaryl Rose, father of three (ages 5, 3 and 11 months)

What makes ParentShift different?

Unlike most parenting books on the market, ParentShift' is positive, practical and widely applicable to toddlers as well as teenagers. We meet you where you are — whether you have a strong set of skills already, or your relationship with your child is in need of a reboot. 

What makes
ParentShift necessary?

Even the most passionate, dedicated parents of our generation continue to be hampered — if not sabotaged — by outdated tactics. Many of these tactics seem benign, but have been proven to lead to high-risk behavior, addiction and worse.

Awards + Honors 

Do you have trouble setting limits without coming across as a dictator? Do your methods of discipline leave you feeling spent or inadequate? The problem isn't you. Or your kids. It's your tools. 

A cop, a teacher and a
journalist walk into a bar...

Ty and Linda Hatfield are the founders of Parenting from the Heart, a 21-year-old parent-education program based in Huntington Beach, California. Wendy Thomas Russell is a journalist, author and parenting columnist. The idea for ParentShift was hatched seven years after Wendy took the Hatfields' life-changing course herself. 

From left, Wendy Thomas Russell (the journalist), Ty Hatfield (the cop) and Linda Hatfield (the teacher.)

ParentShift is an encyclopedic exploration of the most effective methods for giving children the courage to realize their full potential.” 

co-author of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

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