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ParentShift is different from any other parenting book on the market. The book is divided into three sections. The first introduces you to the three parenting styles and asks you to identify yourself on a parenting spectrum. It points out why only one parenting style in consistent with the goals we have for our children, and it help you clarify what you want to get out of the book, so that the journey can be as meaningful for you as possible. 

The second section walks you through ten universal truths, each of which identifies an an underlying reason or cause for your child's behavior, whether it's spitting on her brother, engaging in unrelenting poop talk, or giving you grief about her curfew.  With few exceptions, these ten truths lay at the root of all behavior. Identify that root, and you are in a better position to respond appropriately and confidently, whether your child is four or fourteen. 

The third section breaks down what we call the ParentShift Solutions Process, which is a way to organize your thoughts when the going gets rough. ParentShift offers a lot of tools for all kinds of situations; the process simply helps you identify which ones to use in any given situation.