Cringey 'breakout rooms' provide comic relief

Say what you will about TikTok, but it's been a huge source of enjoyment and connection for so many kids during this pandemic. One of my favorite things, in fact, is when Maxine saves up all the TikToks that she thinks I'll enjoy and then shares them with me at the end of the night. We laugh and laugh.*

Here is a TikTok Maxine made this week, spoofing the virtual "breakout rooms" used during distance learning. It's totally cringey, and I find new things to love about it every time I watch it.

Trigger warning: You may want to shield your middle- and high-schoolers from this video. I had a friend's 17-year-old daughter tell me this sent her into "fight-or-flight." It's that accurate.

* Now who can tell me which of the seven emotional needs I'm meeting when I do this? Click here for the answer!