Dear 2020, it's been real...

As we near the end of this shit show of a year, I wanted to reach out to remind everybody to be extra good to yourself right now.

This pandemic is getting so damn old and, at the same time, bearing down harder than ever. We are going into a commerce-heavy holiday season with nearly 4 million of us out of work. And with first-semester grades being tallied, many of us are beginning to realize how little our children actually learned in those Zoom "breakout rooms" this fall.

Know that the stress you feel — chronic or acute — is normal and probably inevitable. If you find yourself feeling less than happy during the "happiest time of the year," that's normal and probably inevitable. If you find yourself being disappointed in the behavior of others (especially when it comes to your kids), or of yourself (especially when it comes to your parenting), that, too, is normal and probably inevitable.

So whatever your situation, go easy on yourself. It's hard to see the forest for the trees, and we in the middle of an immensely dense jungle right now. Clarity will come. Better days are ahead. The kids will be just fine.


One other thing: In an effort to improve this blog in 2021, I'm asking you all to take a few minutes to answer the following survey. If you include your email at the bottom, we'll enter you to win one of 25 audiobooks, worth $17.99 each on Audible. If only 25 of you answer, well, then you all win. (Winners will be notified Dec. 20; Audiobooks can be kept or gifted to someone else.)

Thank you in advance for your feedback. It matters, and I'm grateful.

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