7 Fun Ways to Spend Mother's Day Quarantined at Home

Not a lot cuter than a backyard camp-out.
There's not a lot cuter than a backyard camp-out.

A fancy brunch? Not gonna happen.

Spa day? Nope.

Heck, depending on your situation, even a few uninterrupted hours to yourself may not be in the cards this year.

Welcome to Mother's Day, Quarantine Edition, where all your fun, relaxing, self-care ideas get postponed in favor of — you guessed it! — more togetherness.

But worry not. There are plenty of genuinely fun things you can do this year at home with your kiddos in tow. Here are seven of them.

My daughter and I built this fort and left it up for days.
My daughter and I built this fort and left it up for days.

1. Build a fort.

What is it about creating small spaces within already small spaces that make the world seem just a little bit bigger? That certainly is what happened when my daughter and I made a blanket fort in the middle of the living room recently. We enveloped the TV and left the fort up for days. #becausewhynot

2. Go backyard camping.

A similar concept to fort-building, but outside, see? I have a number of friends who count backyard camping as one of their favorite quarantine activities. Bonus points if you find a way to roast hotdogs and marshmallows on an open fire.

3. Paint Rocks for Moms

On Easter this year, in lieu of painted eggs, a couple of families in our neighborhood — including ours — painted rocks and left them around our neighborhood for random kids to find. I love this idea for Mother's Day, too, and recommend it as a relaxing, feel-good family activity, especially if the weather is nice. (Instead of Easter bunnies, you could paint hearts, flowers or stick figures of moms with kids; or use markers to write little messages: "Best Mom," "#1 Mom," "Moms Rule" or, if you've got a big rock, "A great mom lives here.")

4. Bake — and leave the cleanup for others.

We all may be wearing elastic pants by the end of this quarantine, what with the ratio of baking-to-exercising going on, but baking with kids is such a classically fun thing to do. There's something about seeing your little ones dusted in flour that will melt your heart forever. Just remember to ask your partner and/or kids beforehand if they'll handle the cleanup. (Let's face it: That's the real gift.)

Marika, all dressed up for her tea party.

5. Have a tea party.

This idea comes courtesy of my friend Karen, whose daughter, Marika, is obsessed with tea parties. They hold birthday parties for Marika's dolls just for an excuse to get the tea set out and set up. They make real tea, and they eat real food. One time Marika wore three dresses at once. And even Karen has even been known to get dressed up and put on makeup for their tea parties. (When was the last time you did that, people?!)

6. Scavenge.

Feeling the need to get out? How about organizing a scavenger hunt for you and your child to do together? It could be as simple as making a list of birds or animals or trees or flowers to spot in the neighborhood. Identify the tallest tree on the block. Listen for two different bird songs. Find a flight of outdoor steps to climb. I've included a list below, courtesy of Good Housekeeping, to further spark your imagination.

7. Your Turn

Although I do have a #7 in mind, it's a surprise something I'm planning to do with Maxine on Mother's Day. If it works out, I'll be sure to blog about it! In the meantime, it's your turn. What ideas do you have up your sleeve? Anything out of the ordinary you've genuinely enjoyed doing with your child during quarantine?

And remember, if all else fails, there's always the old reliable and never-out-of-style breakfast in bed. Pandemic or no, there's nothing as cute as a child carrying a tray with food she's prepared just for her sweet momma.

Happy Mother's Day 2020, everyone! May it be a healthy, happy one for you and your family.