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As authors of ParentShift, we first want to make one thing clear: We have been where you are right now — or someplace similar. We've parented the tantruming toddler, the strong-willed five-year-old, and the fifteen-year-old who thinks she's fifteen times smarter than you are. We understand the urge to put the four-year-old in timeout and to bribe the eight-year-old to please, for-the-love-of-all-that's-holy, just do his damn chores, and to send the preteen to boot camp.

We know what it's like to live in a real family with real parents and real kids. That's precisely why we wrote ParentShift.

But in addition to being parents, we are also experts. We know, we know. Every momma with a blog's an expert. And that's true — to a degree. They are experts — with their own kids. But Linda and Ty Hatfield have been been coaching parents and running workshops through their company, Parenting from the Heart, for more than two decades. Their work has utterly transformed  thousands of families at all stages of life, and they have the fan mail to prove it. Along with Wendy Thomas Russell, an award-winning journalist and former Parenting from the Heart student herself, the trio have distilled a hundred years of science, research and wisdom into an engaging and highly practical guidebook for modern parents.


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LINDA HATFIELD has worked with parents and children for more than 34 years. A former elementary school teacher, she has a master's degree in psychology and is certified in several top parenting programs. In 1999, she combined her education and experience raising three young daughters to start a parent-education course that later morphed into a curriculum known as 
Parenting From The Heart.

You can out more about Linda at parentingfromtheheart.com. She also can be found on Twitter @ParentingHeart, and on Instagram or Facebook @ParentingFromTheHeart.

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Ty is a retired police lieutenant for one of the largest cities in Southern California. He served in law enforcement for more than 40 years, including an extended assignment in the youth services division, where he created numerous mentoring programs for inner-city children and was a regular speaker at schools regarding juvenile crime and drug prevention. Along with his wife, Linda, Ty became a certified parenting instructor, gained his teaching credential, and eventually joined Linda to co-create Parenting from the Heart.

You can out more about Ty at parentingfromtheheart.com. He also can be found on Twitter @ParentingHeart, and on Instagram or Facebook @ParentingFromTheHeart.



Wendy is an award-winning journalist, author and publisher. She spent the bulk of her journalism career in Southern California, writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, and other publications — for which she won dozens of awards and honors. An occasional parenting columnist for the PBS NewsHour, Wendy also is the author of Relax, It's Just God: How & Why to Talk to Your Kids About Religion When You're not Religious, published in 2015 by Brown Paper Press, the company she helped found.

Wendy can be reached at wendythomasrussell.com; on Twitter and Instagram @WendyRussell; and on Facebook @AuthorWendyThomasRussell.